Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Deepavali wish, 2012

An Ashtalakshmi prayer for our world

May Aadilakshmi sustain mothers around the world with easy and safe childbirth and parents with good health and caring children.

May Dhaanyalakshmi be with the hungry and the undernourished. May there be enough, plenty and more, of what we need and what we want.

May Dhairyalakshmi stay forever in the hearts of those in distress and of those on frontlines of every kind. May we be brave and strong in every moment.

May Gajalakshmi stay in the hearts and hands of those who work and care for others, empowering them to try ever harder. May she become the patience we all need to keep on trying.

May Santaanalakshmi protect all our children from abuse, violence and starvation, and fill their lives with love and opportunity. May she sprinkle all our lives with the gift of nurture.

May Vijayalakshmi touch with victory, every endeavour that is caring and compassionate. May she reveal to us the different meanings of success and teach us to rejoice in all of them.

May Vidyalakshmi ensure we remain students forever, and keep our minds and hearts open even when the prevailing winds seek to close their shutters. May all our lives be filled with creativity.

May Dhanalakshmi be with those in need--those whose debts are driving them to suicide, those whose livelihoods have been destroyed and those who are struggling to make ends meet.

May Mahalakshmi give us all the heart and the ability to give back much more than we get!