Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You cannot have it all!!!

A speech by Mr. Aziz Narejo is posted on Indus Asia Journal Online. I am thrilled that Mr. Narejo has read my book to learn about Sindhi history, but dismayed that he thinks I am a man.

You cannot have it all, so in this instance, I will just thank him, wherever he is for citing my work.

But, Mr. Narejo, I do not belong to the default gender. No, no, no, sir!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Two things I read this morning and enjoyed

The easy way out for a blogger is to link to good stuff written by others. I returned to read the Hindustan Times column section this morning after a long gap, and this is what I enjoyed reading:

Vir Sanghvi, Mood of Middle India, Hindustan Times, April 26, 2008.
Which lets you read scores of questionnaires over his shoulder, a fascinating sample survey or snapshot of who we are.

Vir Sanghvi, Pity the Poor Drivers, Hindustan Times, April 12, 2008.
In which he reads the Wahab-in-the-cockpit incident as a text that reveals the classist nature of political discourse in India.