Sunday, March 23, 2014

A small post about Twitter (more than 140 characters though)

There are some things on Twitter I just don't understand, and today I feel I must list them somewhere systematically.

1. Why do some people respond to every single tweet? Some questions are rhetorical. Some statements are just what they are. Everything doesn't require a  response.

2. Why some people respond to everything as if they were your oldest friends; they are not. Twitter itself is much younger than most of us. Brevity does not make familiarity acceptable.

Related to 1 and 2, please note that unsolicited advice is as annoying and obnoxious on Twitter as it is in the real world. Let people just tweet in peace!

3. Why do people favourite the tweets they do? If I say it's very hot, WHY on earth would someone favourite that?

4. Same question about retweets: Why would people retweet a prosaic greeting or response made to someone else?

5. Related retweet question: What is the point of retweeting a retweeted tweet that one wrote? (Can you even understand that question?)

And no people, I actually don't want answers to these questions. What I would like to know is how many of you have the same questions.

And all advice proffered in response would, in fact, fall under the category: "Unsolicited."

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