Friday, April 13, 2012

SRK and the INS

Now that SRK's second detention has acquired the status of a minor diplomatic incident, I want to add my two paise worth of questions to this:

1. It does not matter that the immigration officials at White Plains did not recognize Shah Rukh Khan. Even if they had, it was their job to check his documents. The real curiosity is that this was his second detention. Don't they keep records? Surely, they would have seen that this had happened before and he had been allowed to enter. On the other hand, this was White Plains, and maybe it just took two hours for someone to check them.

2. For every Muslim who has difficulties at US Immigration, at least some others must go through smoothly. What is it about this big Indian film star that raises a red flag to airport officials each time? Hard for most Indians to imagine, but an extremely curious thing. 

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