Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Southasian Worldview

Himal Southasian decided to spell South Asia as one word and I think it's time to introduce that style element into this blog as well. They have their reasons for doing this; to me, it reinforces the reality of our interdependent existence in this region: as a civilizational zone, as a region geographically set apart and as what Barry Buzan called, a security complex.

Living and working in Chennai, it is easy to forget you live in a large, extremely diverse world. If at all, conditions around you conspire to connect you to a universe beyond Southasia through Korean car companies, Finnish mobile phone manufacturers or American firms that have found new premises in the Chennai hinterland. But the rest of India and Southasia were probably never further away, and notwithstanding the grandstanding, this includes Sri Lanka.

I think therefore that it is time for this blog, this blogger to return to her home discipline and to take a look at what's happening in this region, one state at a time.

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